Lee Escobar has established himself as well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur. For 23 years he has live in Tennessee. Lee has co-owned award winning restaurants and also successfully run several real estate investment companies.

For more than ten years, Lee has coached thousands of students and made over 100 successful real estate transactions.

Lee has been building his real estate investing business since June of 2004. Since then, more than $150,000.00 has went to his financial education. Lee managed to achieve financial freedom in April of 2005 after purchasing and rehabbing a commercial multifamily apartment building with enough cash flow to get out of the rat race. He credits the success to his rightly picked mentors, coaches and real estate education.

Lee is also doing seminars across the United States, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Motivational seminars which are about real estate and wealth building. At the seminars he teaches the most cutting edge real estate investing, wealth building and business techniques. Current stats – 350 three day training with over 26,000 students and counting. Also one-on-one 3 days mentoring sessions in over 100 different markets.

Lee finished B.A in Theology with honors in Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee. He is currently a Captain in the Army Chaplains Corps.

Lee Escobar’s proven record as a successful investor with experience in different businesses and educational background makes him a winning combination for any business venture. His successes allowed him to receive the prestigious award of Mentor of the Year, Trainer of the Year and Induction into the International Hall of Fame for his success as an investor, business owner and entrepreneur. Lee has been recognized for his success and desire to help others on local and national TV shows for CBS, ABC, FOX and HLN.